Center For Hair Transplantation

The Procedure

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

For years the “gold standard ” of hair transplantation has always been FUT.

This is a method of donor hair harvesting utilizing a strip of hair that is surgically removed and then microscopically dissected to produce high quality follicular unit grafts. The area is then closed utilizing an advanced surgical technique referred to as trychophytic closure that is most likely to leave a fine linear scar.

Since the follicular unit grafts are separated under direct vision higher quality grafts are much easier to obtain than with FUE. The advantages of this method are consistently high quality grafts, shorter operating time and the ability to immediately hide the donor area since no preoperative shaving is required. This procedure is usually less expensive than FUE. The disadvantages are more postoperative pain than with FUE and a linear scar that may not be acceptable to patients who want to wear their hair very short.